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Continent Warsaw – Warsaw Of Many Cultures invites everyone to the 8th event of the series People from Continent presenting artists who come from many cultures and who live and create in Warsaw. This time we present to you Mexican Warsaw – on 10th December 2011 in club Powiększenie.

The event is associated by the new Internet game “Continent Warsaw” which plot leads the player through the multi-cultural map of Warsaw and allows him to virtually visit places (which really exist) connected to different cultures. The game is a certain kind of a guidebook providing the tourists with information on places they can actually visit.


In the main thread the player becomes an agent of a mysterious Foundation who collects interesting information about Warsaw and promotes the multiculturalism and diversity. However, he has enemies. He needs to face difficult challenges and solve various riddles. Will the guys in grey sweaters make our city grey? What has a dumpling to do with a cutlet? Where’s the mariachi guitar? And how to get a refreshing grenade?


Additional threads lead the player to two great parties in Warsaw. One of them is the Warsaw Multicultural Street Party which has been organized each year for five years on the last Sunday of August and the other one is Mexican Warsaw. You can play with your friends at this event today and on 10th December the virtual and real worlds will combine... :) Let’s meet there!


The game will be available under: . You can also type “Gra Kontynent Warszawa” into Facebook. It has been created both in Polish and in English and is absolutely free of charge.